San Francisco Pizza Tour Stop #2: Pizzetta 211


Ask me what my favorite pizza place is, and here’s my answer: Pizzetta 211.

Pizzetta has always felt like my neighborhood secret, four tables tucked away in a cozy restaurant in the Richmond District of San Francisco. This is where I would go as a child to celebrate a good grade in Math or a good job on the soccer field. While the setting is cozy and conjures good memories for me, the pure excellence of their pizzas is the reason why Pizzetta is my favorite. The crust is thin, but not too burnt or crunchy, the ingredients are always fresh, and the flavors and options are always delicious (the menu changes weekly). I always get their pizzas topped with a farm-fresh egg. As for non pizza options, the field green salad and daily cheeseboard are great ways to start, and if you still have room, the housemade flourless chocolate cake is delicious. Be warned, however: tables fill up fast and a line outside is a daily occurrence. Because Pizzetta 211 is so small, it can only accommodate a few parties (there are no reservations). Arrive early or bundle up and be prepared to wait in the Richmond fog. It’s worth it.

Pizzetta 211
211 23rd Ave.


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