Felicidades at El Quinto Pino

Earlier this year, I trained down to the city to celebrate my sister’s birthday with her. She had made a reservation at El Quinto Pino, and after drinks and a long stroll we arrived at the restaurant starving. We ordered a ton of tapas. Every single dish was great — the ingredients were unique, the flavors complex, and the execution superb. The uni panini was especially divine. Whoever came up with the concept of an uni panini is a godly genius.


Picos y Taquitos – imported chorizo, zaatar marinated Manchego, housemade Menorcan style spreadable sausage, artisanal olive oil breadsticks


Xato – Catalan raw salt cod, grated tomato, romesco, anchovy and chicory


Arroz Brut de Conejo – Rabbit dirty rice-stuffed Savoy cabbage, saffron broth


Revuelto de Ortiguilla – Soft scrambled eggs, imported sea anemone


Lengua Llumaçanes – Menorcan style braised tongue, capers, tomato


Uni Panini – Sea urchin sandwich


Crème Catalan. Because we were celebrating, of course.

El Quinto Pino

401 W 24th St, New York, NY 10001
(212) 206-6900

Baking Babka

Let me tell you a story about how great my sister is. Last winter, in the depths of a despair-filled Reading Period, my sister sent me a present. She overnighted me a loaf of Green’s Chocolate Babka from Zabar’s in New York. I was over-the-moon ecstatic. I think I even shed a tear of joy. I had been waiting to have a slice of chocolate babka for almost half a year.


To understand my relationship with babka I have to backtrack a year. Last summer I became obsessed with finding and trying babka. I had about one week left in San Francisco, and I went everywhere looking for it. Babka, apparently, is rare in San Francisco. Or worse, doesn’t even exist. My last hope was Wise Sons Delicatessen, but when I made my excursion out to the Mission the establishment was unfortunately closed. Alas, I left San Francisco unsuccessful and unfulfilled with my quest.

My experiences with babka since then have always been fantastic, delicious, chocolate-y goodness. This summer, I decided to try my own hand at making babka. I used the food network’s recipe online because it seemed to go along best with my favorite parts about babka – rich, chocolate-y, with streusel on top. You can find the recipe here.

IMG_3760 IMG_3763IMG_3764IMG_3770IMG_3787 IMG_3795 IMG_3783

A beautiful, overflowing mess. Mmm.





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