SF Pizza Tour Stop #4: Gialina Pizzeria

I am a firm believer in the crowd rule. If you don’t know where to eat – follow the crowd. This especially applies in San Francisco where the majority of residents moonlight as food critics and five-year-old natives use the term “umami” along side “sweet” and “sour.”

After hearing the name “Gialina’s” thrown around a few times by companions who lived in the area, I decided to venture to the pizzeria for dinner one night with a friend. We arrived at a peak dining hour and had to wait almost an hour (crowd rule).

It was a Monday night.

We split the Amatriciana – tomato, pancetta, chilies, a farm egg & pecorino:


The Amatriciana was a bit too flavorful for my taste. All the flavors were very loud – the yolk, the chiles, the pecorino. They all competed against each other instead of cooperating with each other. We ate the whole pie, but I would say it was good not excellent. The crust was extremely thin and extremely crunchy.


But THIS is the real reason why we came to Gialinia’s. Their infamous Chocolate Hazelnut Dessert Pizza w/ Amaretti & mascarpone:


Think the idea of a dessert pizza is weird? Try it first.

It was beyond delicious…positively delectable.





2842 Diamond St  San Francisco, CA 94131

(415) 239-8500

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