Chez Panisse Chef Cal Peternell at Yale

When it was announced that Chef Cal Peternell from Chez Panisse was coming to Yale, I knew I had to go. It was like my two worlds — the Bay Area and Yale — were colliding in one fantastic meal. I had been to Chez Panisse once, on my fifteenth birthday. In addition, I had been to every Guest Chef (or as I commonly call it, “Celebrity Chef”) event hosted by Yale Dining. This was the first chef whose name I actually recognized. And so, even when I was put on the wait list for the event, I hounded the event coordinators to get in. And I did.

Like all of the previous Guest Chef Events, the menu was created by Chef Peternell, but the cooking was conducted by the Yale Dining staff. Some dishes were more stellar than others. Overall, all of the dishes were better than the dining hall food. Some of my eating-mates expressed disappointment, but I left my meal pleased.

IMG_1063 IMG_1061

Iceberg lettuce salad.


Deviled eggs with curry and saffron.


The roasted butternut squash hummus was excellent. I probably devoured 3/4 of this bowl.


Chef Peternell spoke, but mostly read from his new book.


These meatless meatballs were meh.


The twice-cooked pork with salsa verde was definitely the best main dish. Filling, rich, and good.


Braised chicken legs.


The macaroni and cheese was no different from the regular dining hall macaroni and cheese (which is pretty good) save for the oven-baked bread cumb topping.IMG_1093

Pear upside-down cake.

Student-Run Hospitality at House of York

This year’s Yale Pop-up project, run by Lucas Sin, is House of York — a family-style restaurant open on Friday’s in the Davenport Buttery. My friend Jake and I were lucky enough to get a reservation their first week (and their opening night!). Obviously, the dishes were far superior from the dining halls, and I loved the family-style concept. This first week, the Vietnamese fried chicken main was the shining star. The smorgasbord of side dishes that came along all had their own unique concepts, but were less stellar in comparison. I can testify to the fact, however, that House of York keeps on getting better and better every week. I would make a point to go at least once this semester.


Sesame rice crackers with edamame-miso hummus


Stem stir fry — massaro farm bok choy and chinese broccoli


Sausage buns — chinese preserved sausage, mushrooms


Saigon charcuterie — cha lua, smoked tofu, fish cake


Spring rolls — rice paper, beets


Buttered corn with nuoc cham, bird chilies, fried shallots


Avocado seaweed salad with ginger wasabi, and lime


Sweet potato cakes with tom yum paste and coconut cream


Vietnamese fried chicken with beet juice barbeque sauce and chipotle aioli


Mango Sorbet with thai basil shortbread, goji berries, dried lilies

P.S. Dessert was also divine.

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