Felicidades at El Quinto Pino

Earlier this year, I trained down to the city to celebrate my sister’s birthday with her. She had made a reservation at El Quinto Pino, and after drinks and a long stroll we arrived at the restaurant starving. We ordered a ton of tapas. Every single dish was great — the ingredients were unique, the flavors complex, and the execution superb. The uni panini was especially divine. Whoever came up with the concept of an uni panini is a godly genius.


Picos y Taquitos – imported chorizo, zaatar marinated Manchego, housemade Menorcan style spreadable sausage, artisanal olive oil breadsticks


Xato – Catalan raw salt cod, grated tomato, romesco, anchovy and chicory


Arroz Brut de Conejo – Rabbit dirty rice-stuffed Savoy cabbage, saffron broth


Revuelto de Ortiguilla – Soft scrambled eggs, imported sea anemone


Lengua Llumaçanes – Menorcan style braised tongue, capers, tomato


Uni Panini – Sea urchin sandwich


Crème Catalan. Because we were celebrating, of course.

El Quinto Pino

401 W 24th St, New York, NY 10001
(212) 206-6900

The Pantry


Earlier this year, when the days were sunny and the leaves were still green, CP and I took a nice, long stroll to The Pantry – one of New Haven’s best and most renowned brunch establishments. We had to wait in line, but the weather was nice and the wait was nothing too extreme. The food was well worth the wait.


The Pantry is known for their Cinnamon Roll pancakes. If you go to Yale, chances are you’ve seen at least a few Instagram’s of one of The Pantry’s Cinnamon Roll pancakes. The pancakes are huge, delicious, and decadent.


We also ordered the Eggs Benedict. They were the best Eggs Benedict I have ever had. CP and I both agreed that the Eggs Benedict were, in fact, better than the Cinnamon Roll Pancakes.

Together, between the pancakes and Eggs Benedict, we had a fantastic meal that was both savory and sweet.

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