The Mecca for all Egg Tart Lovers

The French have their croissaints. The Greeks have their baklava. The Jews have their babka. Americans have their donuts. The Chinese? Well, they have egg custards.

Among many things, my dad and I have always shared a love for Chinese egg tarts – small tartlets with flaky, pie-like crust on the outside and a sweet custard filling on the inside. This meant making pit stops on the way back from soccer games at Lung Fung Bakery on Clement St., where the lady behind the counter always packs me the most freshly-baked tarts and adds a few extra in for free. This also meant squeezing our hands between the sides of the pink boxes to sneak a fresh egg tart before Thanksgiving dinner, when my great-aunt brings egg tarts from Golden Gate Bakery in San Francisco’s Chinatown.

I suddenly realized before my trip to Hong Kong that I had to have an egg tart while I was there. A quick Google search produced many articles, including a trending BuzzFeed article of the day, pointing me to Tai Cheong Bakery as the mecca for all egg tart lovers.

It was a spiritual experience.



The crust was less flaky than I am used to, but was instead more thin and dense like pie crust. It was deliciously buttery and had a slight hint of coconut. The custard had the smoothest, silkiest consistency.

The egg custards are served in small metal tins and are kept hot in a glass case. Be warned, I burned my entire mouth on my first tart and it was a less enjoyable experience. When I went back the next day, I had learned my lesson.


Egg Tart & Wintermelon CakeIMG_1810

A quick shoutout to my friend and fellow egg tart lover Mr. Medoff. For his birthday one year I got him an entire box filled with egg tarts (probably more than 20), thinking he would share them like a birthday cake. He ate the entire box by himself.

Tai Cheong Bakery

35 Lydhurst Terrace, CentralHong KongChina (Central)

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