The Corner Store Chillin’

The Corner Store has mixed reviews in my family.

I had been wanting to go to The Corner Store since the place opened on the corner of Geary & Masonic. I passed by it every day on my way to school, and its red circular sign was an everyday reminder that I had yet to go. Finally, I went one day with my sister and a friend.

First of all, I loved the ambiance at The Corner Store. It’s hip – definitely the hippest place that has occupied its location, but when we went there late on a Friday night there was an eclectic mix of hipsters, young people and couples, and older friends and families. Everybody was conversing, loud, and laughing.

The flavors at The Corner Store are definitely more reserved and subtle. They may not be the most mind-blowingly complex flavors you will ever try, but they do go together nicely and make an enjoyable meal.

I enjoyed The Corner Store. Every dish we had was quite good, and I had no complaints. I would definitely return again. My sister, on the other hand, enjoyed our dishes, but was less excited about the place. Later, when I proposed going back to The Corner Store for a different meal (a while later, mind you), she opposed my suggestion.

We both agree, however, that we want to go back to try The Corner Store’s brunch.

The Spring Salad:

The Corner Store Spring Salad

The White Corn Soup – there was not a drop left in the bowl.

The Corner Store White Corn Soup


Lamb Shoulder Pasta – also quite good, I loved the texture of the Garganelli, though I must say the watery portion left at the bottom was unappealing.

The Corner Store Lamb Shoulder Pasta

The Scottish Salmon with manila clams, gulf shrimp, baby artichoke, and spring onion:

The Corner Store Scottish Salmon

The special of the day – which I believe was a panko-encrusted poached egg on a bed of asparagus:

The Corner Store Panko Poached Egg with Asparagus

A balsamic strawberry dessert:

The Corner Store Strawberry Balsamic Dessert

The butterscotch pudding – delicious:

The Corner Store Butterscotch Pudding

The Corner Store

5 Masonic Ave.

San Francisco, CA 94118

(415) 359-1800

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