London Eats: Ottolenghi

Yotam Ottolenghi is one of the hottest cookbook authors right now. His cookbooks are extremely popular in the Lowe household. My mother received three different copies of Ottolenghi’s Jerusalem cookbook for Christmas. Since then, she has made most of the dishes in both Jerusalem and Plenty. (Thanks, Mom, for feeding us well.) So it was only natural that visiting Ottolenghi was a must while we were in London. Although the trek up to Islington was challenging, we finally made it and it was so worth it. The space and the store’s goods were incredible – as was the food.

The baked goods featured in the store front were beautiful and incredibly colorful. They were also very fresh. We watched as the baker continued to emerge from downstairs with new baked goods.


Most of the Ottolenghi stores are known as “delis.” Here is the prepared food displayed for take away:


We sat down to eat. We first got the selection of breads which were all delightful, especially the cornbread with sun-dried tomato in it.


The free range chicken (spiced with orange, grain mustard, garlic, honey and sage) with sides of char-grilled broccoli and mixed green beans. Everything had incredible spice to it. My one problem was that because they simply serve you the prepared food, it was all cold (I’m not a fan of cold food). I got over it.


More desserts.IMG_7471  Our selection for dessert was the passion fruit tart with meringue. It was to die for.IMG_7478

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